Welcome to the website of the Southfield Park Triangle Residents' Association. The Association covers the residents of the ten roads east of the park and north of Southfield Road, including one side of Southfield Road, London W4. You can find the full list and details of our aims and further information in the About us section.

General Meeting, Saturday 10 September

(Reaching 314 emails)


The Scout Hut
There's been quite a bit of redecoration and the toilets have been refurbished - there's new secluded fencing to the front

Our (dirty) alleys
If your alley is "adopted" (meaning the council treats it like a road) the council has a duty to clean it - keep them clean safe and hygienic - want to know more...?

Flytipping and street rubbish
Several people have had enough of our messy streets - the council team to call to get them to clean up is Grimebusters, Tel: (020) 8825 8825 (24/7)

What's new

Our park
The green flag award has been won again!

Cycle hanger
A new cycle hanger has been erected in Hatfield Rd - if 6 of you are interested in your road you can ask the council - for the financial year '17/'18


Freshways dairy (behind Hatfield Rd)
This battle continues and we hope for action from the council...one day

Thames Water
This battle continues with an MP's meeting on Thursday 14th - TW continue to state they will cover two tanks - by the end of next summer - just before the tunnel building starts
More detail soon - optimistic but not yet success


Neighbourhood Watch
Road Signs - Following discussions with the council all our SPTRA roads now have NW signs on lamposts

Smartwater (Forensic property marking)
140+ SPTRA homes have now registered Smartwater and each kit will mark c. 70 items. Please mark all your valuables (electrics, silver, jewellery cameras & lenses, golf clubs, etc. Don't forget to mark your bicycle frames and even your cars. For cars we recommend the following spots: the glove compartment, wheels, and on the engine.

With only one complaint and council teams witnessing the event, possibly this will run again - with a full new application process - the event was well policed by our SNT and Chiswick police with no issues or unruly behaviour

The Ward Panel AGM
Come and see what the police plans are for safety in our ward
Tuesday 4 October - 7.00 pm - At St Peter's Church, Southfield Rd

Our guests

Police team and Councillor updates
Sgt Gail Stanton introduced herself as our new Ward Sergeant. Gail was with Stuart Honey our PCSO
Cllr Andrew Steed fielded your questions on bins rubbish and fly-tipping - amongst other things
Our thanks to our guests

Safer Neighbourhoods logo



Southfield Neighbourhood Watch @Southfield_NW
Scout hut forest school @14thActonForest

SPTRA Annual Summer Party - Saturday 25 June

Our 7th annual summer party took place on Saturday 25 June - see the photos.

"Another successful party"
"Splendid, we all loved it"
"Phenomenal job. Couldn't have been better"
"The band was superb"

We have always aimed to create a successful and friendly community event. A Huge Thank You is due to all of our sponsors, listed below, who have, each and every year, generously supported the raffle with their prizes. Our huge thanks are now due to the team who contributed to our successful event.

Marketing Team - Layla and Stef Brown, Simone Teitler, and myself.
Set-up team - Don Tanswell, Glen Young, Scout Master, Simone Teitler and Iain Ross, Viv and Neil Gordon, Katarina Hanova. By 12:00 we were all set!
Vouchers and Raffle Sales - Clare Hawtin, Simone Teitler, and Jo Clarke looking after all the crowd who wanted to buy vouchers and raffle tickets.
Kids' Activities - Katie King, from the Ark Montessori looked after all the kiddies craft activities. And the SPTRA sponsored free face painting artistry came from the lovely Grace. And Our pin the tail on the Eeyore Donkey, drawn by Sarah Lenton,was looked after, as always by Pat James and Annabel Parkinson.
The BBQ Master Chefs - Harriet Jerram and Iain Ross kicked off the first shift and closely followed by Derek Siddle and Richard Gale. The chefs were assisted by Jackie Fahy and Faith.
Pimm's Girls - Sue Griffiths, Viv Gordon, Ann Cumming, and Katarina Hanova. Huge Thanks to Waitrose for donating 6L of Pimms. Thank you, Julie Porter and Caroline Morgan for all your advance help.
Bar - Cheers from your team of "barmen" Suzanne Burge, Jonty Cairns, Gemma Cryan, and Liz Thrussell.
The Great SPTRA Bake off - Thanks ever so much for your generosity and baking skills and this year your Master Bakers were: Pippa Roberts, Kitty Adam, Liz Butler, Cllr Gary Malcolm, Stef Brown, Heather Gale, Louise Vogt, Pamela Smith, Anthea Wiley, Antonia Siddle, Marie Paisie, Charlotte Dunstan, and Liz Thrussell.
Junkyard Dogs London - Everyone enjoyed the Live Music from start to finish.
Clear Up - Our huge thanks to each and everyone of you who gave us a hand to do the clear-up.
Website - Huge thanks to Suzanne Burge, our webmaster, for publishing the text and photos on our website.
With love, Suzanne x

Huge Thanks to Our Sponsors - Red Letter Days, Sipsmith, Foxlow, Cote Chiswick, Waitrose, Morrisons, The Dove, The Bell and Crown, The Pilot, Duke of Sussex, The Roebuck, Bill's, Byron W4, George IV, Le Pain Quotidien, Franco Manca, Pho, Rice, Pot Pourri Flowers, Fullers, Tabard Theatre, Chiswick Dental Practice

Our review of a busy year 2015 / 2016

Thames Water - Following a recent meeting with their senior management and Andy Slaughter and Rupa Huq MP's at offices in Parliament, TW stated they will be covering two of the tanks. Their statement continued to confirm this is work which should finish by summer 2017. We will happily argue this is not a perfect solution but it is very near - but given the history of the way they have treated us we seek reassurance in another meeting expected to be in September.

Wheelie bins - well we didn't win this one and here they come very soon - say goodbye to front gardens and also to debris on the pavements from foxes eating our our rubbish :-(

SPTRA More parking spaces - after 2 years of struggle and a successful complaint to LBE Chief Exec. we achieved a complete re-measuring of our parking spaces to return them to current regulatory standards - 20 new spaces was the result. This will be reviewed after 18 months by the council in case any changes are needed.

Project Scout Hut - Our meeting was the first ever held in the garden so all could see the amazing work done in converting the old wasteland to a new adventure area for school children and scouts of all ages - we proceed to a potential phase two now with the hope of redecorating the interior with new toilets and new flooring.

Freshways Dairy - This is an old one and a new one - this dairy business has been prosecuted for excessive vehicle noise around 5 years ago but the disturbance has been increasing over the last 2 years - all over again - we trust in good news from the council soon as they strengthen their evidence against this business. However recently the dairy has started to use parking space behind the lower end of Hatfield Road with strong night time illumination and generator noise. We will be encouraging more complaints.

Neighbourhood Watch - We benefit from NW schemes in all our roads but following the new approach adopted for Southfield run by Suzanne Tanswell, we are nearly surrounded by schemes now with NW coordinators in place in Whellock Road and in Brookfield, Strauss and Shirley Roads - stay safe stay smart

Next meetings

SPTRA General Meeting - Early September.

For the SPTRA twitterati

Southfield Neighbourhood Watch @Southfield_NW and for more news on the Scout Hut @14thActonForest.

Our current SNT team

The current team is on our website.

History of your road - here now!

A website has been set up on the original group of houses, in Alexandra, St George's and Hatfield Roads, and their history. It holds information drawn from the 1911 census on the households, occupations and birthplaces of those living there, but also covers other topics like the neighbourhood, the shops, school, church, and park, the local transport facilities, which once included our own station, Rugby Road Halt. It also looks at the area in wartime, and welcomes contributions.

More information about the history of Acton in general can be found on the website of the Acton History Group.