Welcome to the website of the Southfield Park Triangle Residents' Association. The Association covers the residents of the ten roads east of the park and north of Southfield Road, including one side of Southfield Road, London W4. You can find the full list and details of our aims and further information in the About us section.

The Summer party - Saturday 24 June - Scout Hut from 3.00 pm

Raffle tickets and party vouchers go on sale soon but we can take early enquiries of course! If you want to help on the day, in the morning or by doing a shift in the afternoon Contact Suzanne! Good on the BBQ? Contact Suzanne! And we are now calling all bakers to get ready for our great bake sale!

Annual General Meeting,Saturday 6 May

The guests were introduced - Cllr Gary Malcolm and Sgt Gail Stanton with PCSO Stuart Honey
Gemma Cryan won the prize for spotting the typo in the printed agenda of the AGM!

Suzanne Tanswell presented the accounts of the Association. There is a bank balance of just over £10,000 now supported mainly by the proceeds of the Summer Party and of course your gratefully received subs. In the last two years there has been no quiz night but now the hut refurbishments are nearly complete we can look forward to locking antlers in the Autumn.

Your committee was duly elected. Simone Teitler and Suzanne Burge (Alexandra both/SB webmaster), Suzanne and Don Tanswell (Hatfield), Julie Dauncey (Greenend). We also thank our two regular helpers, Dilys Jones and Caroline Morgan, and of course the many many helpers who make the summer party a success.

Scout Hut - everyone saw the new decor, kitchen and lighting. There's improved hygiene and safety for all users now. All the new wiring was of course hidden! The floor refurb will take place at the end of May and there are two Thames Water volunteer days to help with some massive tidying and painting. The first is May 12th with 15 helpers!
Storm Tanks and Tideway Tunnel - The project to cover two of the 6 storm tanks (2 aren't used) remains on track to finish mid September - and soon after the tunnel construction will start!
Summer Party - Suzanne announced the Summer Party date as Saturday 24 June. Tickets go on sale soon and as always there's a call for helpers and super special bakers for the bake sale. Contact Suzanne!
Neighbourhood Watch - Suzanne reminded everyone that all our roads have neighbourhood watch coverage (with 43 NW Coordinators in the Ward now) and each road now boasts a sign helping keep the criminals at bay!
Gary Malcolm - Gary helped neighbours with questions about diesel cars, electric car charging and bike sheds (or hangers). Anyone can email Gary with a question and all the councillors' details are below.
Sgt Gail Stanton and PCSO Stuart Honey - We have a new PC joining Southfield SNT to supplement our police team and Aga Piatea joins from today. Gail explained there has been a great deal of policing patrolling in the area for preventative purposes and under the provisions of Operation Renounce (see more on the team twitter account below) which covers a large area of Acton including much of the area around Hatfield Rd. There's been a recent "sweep" for weapons lying in there streets in addition. Everyone was reminded about the Street Briefings run by the team and also the Cuppa With a Copper sessions in the local cafes. Gail and Stuart answered several questions afterwards.

The meeting closed just before 11.00

2017 Subs

If you have not quite managed to send us the subs ... please do!! Prices @ £5 per home / £2 for senior neighbours. By all means, pay your subs directly from your bank. We just need a reference to identify you e.g. "Gre 34" or "4Salt" . Here are our account details SPTRA online account - account number: 01253888 / sort code: 30-92-01

Thames Tideway Tunnel

The tunnel building starts in the Autumn and although, strictly the project is still under some legal scrutiny, if all goes according to plan, building will start on the whole project and at the Acton Storm Tanks end in the Autumn of 2017. The Acton site's contribution to the project is expected to take around 3.5 years.
For local residents, work will be permitted during the week, 08.00 to 18.00 and on Saturdays, 08.00 to 13.00. To begin with most of the work will be related to site preparation and assembly of machinery (just at the end near where Hatfield Road joins Greenend Road. and the construction of the tunnel will follow until early in the second year.
During this first 15 or so months is when there is expected to be most of the earth excavation and vehicle traffic. All the vehicles will be on and off site from the same (North West) corner travelling (it is believed) in one direction down Warple Way and up Stanley Gardens. During the tunnel lining phases (probably from 12 to 15 months into the work or, say, late 2018/early 2019) most of the work will be underground.

Southfield Neighbourhood watch

There are now 46 Neighbourhood Watch coordinators in Southfield - the largest number for any London Ward.

Safer Neighbourhoods logo



Follow the news on Twitter - @Southfield_NW

History of your road - here now!

A website has been set up on the original group of houses, in Alexandra, St George's and Hatfield Roads, and their history. It holds information drawn from the 1911 census on the households, occupations and birthplaces of those living there, but also covers other topics like the neighbourhood, the shops, school, church, and park, the local transport facilities, which once included our own station, Rugby Road Halt. It also looks at the area in wartime, and welcomes contributions.

More information about the history of Acton in general can be found on the website of the Acton History Group.