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Welcome to the website of the Southfield Park Triangle Residents' Association. We cover the residents of the ten roads east of the park and north of Southfield Road, including one side of Southfield Road, London W4. You can find the full list and details of our aims and further information in the About us section.


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Southfield Tweets

SPTRA AGM Saturday 12 May 09.45

Our AGM marked the end of our 9th year so we have an important year to look forward to!
We welcomed our guests for the day, PCSO Stuart Honey and two of our newly re-elected councillors, Gary Malcolm and Andrew Steed.


Suzanne Tanswell presented the accounts and explained with rising costs and slightly diminishing income (subs) we keenly watch our costs but owing to diligent historic management we retain a healthy balance. This leaves us well placed should any unexpected expenditure be required to provide community support to any sort of local (eg planning) campaign.

Election of the committee

All the current committee members were re-elected

Simone Teitler - Committee and Alexandra Rd
Julie Porter - Committee and Greenend Rd
Suzanne Tanswell - Committee and Hon. Treasurer - Hatfiield Rd
Suzanne Burge - Committee and Hon. Webmaster
Don Tanswell - Chair - Committee and Hatfiield Rd

The 2018 AGM closed

News Updates

Thames Water

The two tanks are now covered and in operation - victory for a community enjoying fresh air again


This was an extremely well researched project which offered the community the chance to enjoy greater protection and a "virtual" witness for any local crime. We were delighted to have the support of our local police. The cost would have been around £100+ compared to a complete domestic installation of around £1500
We did not receive sufficient "yes" replies to proceed even though we did receive c.85+ very positive "yes's" and less than 5 "no's"
Lots of neighbours simply did not reply and we didn't finish with an overall majority nor per road
We'll file all your replies in case there is a chance to revisit. For now we put things on ice

Freshways Dairy

The court case is over and the decision is expected to be communicated w/c May 14th - now!!
It is hoped a couple of planning applications will be decided soon as well keeping the pressure on this selfish unneighbourly trader.

Summer Party

We take a rest from the Summer Party in 2018 pausing to consider a rather special event to celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2019!

Scout Hut

Everyone can see all the improvements to our superb little scout hut
Soon we hope to announce more progress for work during the summer

Southfield Playground

We explained that following representations to the council and with the councillors, we expect improvements to extend the dangerously overcrowded play area this summer. Diagram on the W4 website http://www.chiswickw4.com/default.asp?section=info&link=http://neighbournet.com/server/common/eacouncil184.htm

Next meeting

As always we take a rest for the summer
o We will announce our September meeting quite soon!

Stuart Honey

Stuart provided important seasonal security tips such as maintaining safety of your sash windows and keeping those hedges trimmed so thery do not provide a place to hide

2009-2019 OWL Launch 2009-2019

Suzanne shared details of the new approved messaging platform called OWL which has just launched.
OWL is a secure electronic communications database, to be used by the Police in the West London policing area (called the BCU) of the boroughs of Ealing, Hillingdon and Hounslow. It will also be used by all the neighbourhood watch coordinators in your own area, across the three boroughs which will enable targeted messaging and engagement to you as registered users.
The system went 'live' on 16 May, so from now, NW Coordinators and Police will be able to interact with you in your Ward with different messages to include local crime trends, newsletters, and crime prevention leaflets and advice. You can now register for free with either Neighbourhood Watch and/or Police Community Messaging. You'll be able to receive targeted messages, information, and alerts through an email platform that is secure, discreet.
Register now
OWL is CESG approved so it has passed Government security tests
It is certified as Secured by Design which means it has national police approval

Southfield Neighbourhood watch

There are now 46 Neighbourhood Watch coordinators in Southfield - the largest number for any London Ward.

Safer Neighbourhoods logo



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History of your road - here now!

A website has been set up on the original group of houses, in Alexandra, St George's and Hatfield Roads, and their history. It holds information drawn from the 1911 census on the households, occupations and birthplaces of those living there, but also covers other topics like the neighbourhood, the shops, school, church, and park, the local transport facilities, which once included our own station, Rugby Road Halt. It also looks at the area in wartime, and welcomes contributions.

More information about the history of Acton in general can be found on the website of the Acton History Group.