Map of the area covered by the Residents' Association

About us


SPTRA covers all residents of Alexandra Road, Greenend Road, Hamilton Road, Hatfield Road, Hawkshead Road, Rugby Road, St. George's Road, Saltcoats Road, Worcester Drive, and the north/east side of Southfield Road between the Park and Worcester Drive.


Contact us

If you have a point or query about us, or have issues you want to raise, please contact our Secretary, Suzanne Tanswell.

We have been going for quite a time and there's lots to do. What's on your mind? Mail us!

If you have a problem with the website or spot a broken link, please contact the Webmaster, Suzanne Burge.

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Membership is per household in the SPTRA area.

The 2018 rates have been agreed as follows:

To join, contact the Secretary, Suzanne Tanswell.