Proposed site in Rugby Road

Current issues

Freshways Dairy

We will let you see more information soon as we hope there will be enforcement action taken by the council to control the noise form this agressine neighbouring business.

Thames Tunnel

We will try to keep you posted but do not forget the real Thames Tunnel website is a great source of information and here is the page for the Acton Storm tanks information.

Your family - Your household security

Don't delay - A quick call to the Southfield Neighbourhood police team brings quick help if you have any problems. Ring the police if you have a problem - they are there to help, they do help, they want to help. Ring 020 8721 2946, 07879 694 814, or email them

Register your property - all important things can be marked. For serial numbers, IMEI numbers on mobiles and so on. You can create a free private and secure portfolio of all your personal property on

The Police say - in doubt - dial 999.


SPTRA at work and current issues            

Social and fun activities


    1. Quiz nights    1. Thames Tunnel
    2. Festive events        a. Public meetings and surgeries
    3. Book group        b. Contact with project team/LBE
    4. SPTRA General Meetings        c. TT forum group
    5. Regular SNT updates    2. Alley Gates
    6. Summer party - special children's events and secure area        Continuing reminders - keeping you safe
        3. Trees

    News and updates

        a. New ones/roots/trimming and cutting
    1. Regular updates - to 300 email addresses    4. Southfield Park
    2. SPTRA website - at your fingertips        a. 2 successful path lighting projects
    3. Security notifications and alerts        b. Exercise equipment built
    4. Police meetings        c. Project park improvements to add facilities up to there standard of other recreational areas
    5. Meeting/dialogue with MPs    5. Planning issues
    6. Meeting/dialogue with LBE        a.Regular involvement and campaigns
        6. Security

        Attendance @

        a. Specific safety and security improvements - alley-gating improvements
    1. Ward Forums and now at the Scout Hut        b. Police liaison, collaboration with SNT and the Southfield safer neighbourhood ward panel
    2. Ward Surgery meetings        c. SPTRA network neighbourhood watches
    3. NHW Meetings as SPTRA and NHW Reps    7. CPZ consultation
            a. We won second time of trying
            b. Southfield 20mph scheme


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