Trees in Southfield park after pruning

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Car park behind Greenend Rd (end of Warple Way)- Recent planning approval for resurfacing and floodlighting

Someone at the general meeting on 27 February asked about the risk of flooding (ie poor drainage) in the car park area behind Greenend higher numbers up to 74. They also mentioned the issue of smell which is probably separately linked to the drainage overflow silos. This is what we have found within the following group of links:


Cobbold Mews application declinature

The Car Park

Planning Decision document

Document showing map and area for car park

Design and Access Statement - Covering letter from Savills to Maggie Perry - Confirms Car Park will be resurfaced ("pea shingle finish" - photo included) and floodlights erected

Delegated report / site visit - Page 3 "Proposal" para - suggests that draining facilities have been taken into consideration

Ealing Unitary Development Plan s2.5 / Drainage and flood risk / Page 6 "All new developments should ... incorporate sustainable drainage measures to avoid compounding flood risk elsewhere..."

Environment Agency (River) Flood map

Freshway Dairy Ongoing Planning Breaches

Over the last 10 years, the dairy have continually breached planning law and caused unacceptable noise levels. This is what the Planning Inspectorate have said:

" is necessary to safeguard the living conditions of the neighbours in Hatfield Road, the proposed changes (to the hours permitted in Condition 12) would have a materially harmful effect on their living conditions in relation to noise and disturbance." (The Planning Inspector, May 2009)

Condition 12:
"Commercial vehicles shall not enter or leave the site... outside 0700 to 1800 Monday to Saturday and not at all on Sundays. Any vehicles in the yard outside those times shall not have their engines or refrigerator units running."

We asked you to write to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol, quoting reference number: PP/A5270/C/09/2116420 by 27 December 2009. Please let us know if you get a response.

Rugby Road Development

There is definitely an application with the council for a new building on the vacant Rugby Rd site. We have only just confirmed this. The deadline for objections was Tuesday 8 December.

For more information on the plans go to the council website. Here is the link to the site (where you search for applications)
This is the number of the application - PP/2009/2942. Add this reference number to the search box to see the details. When you are looking at the details of the application, to see the plans, click on "Click here to view any related documents".

Tree pruning

A couple of months ago a number of residents from Alexandra Road signed a petition which was sent to the council in relation to having the trees trimmed in Southfield Park. The petition was brought to the attention of the Residents' Association and it was decided at the General Meeting held in July 2009 that the Committee would contact the Council with view to prgressing the matter. A meeting took place with Paul Harris, the Arboricultural Officer at Ealing Council, Don and Suzanne Tanswell, from the Committee, and Liz Pinn from Alexandra Road. The outcome of the meeting was very successful and the Council agreed to prune 9 trees bordering on Alexandra Road. The pruning work started in September 2009, which will create a benefit to the residents from a security and safety perspective.

For more information read the Council's email.

23 St George's Road - planned development

This property has been subject to various applications for planning permission to build a house in the grounds of the current property. The last application was declined by Ealing council in March 2009.

An appeal was made to the Secretary of State to reverse the decision of the council. The decision of the Planning Inspector to uphold the rejection was announced on 12 October 2009 and can be read here.

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